The World of Make-Believe

A beanpole teepee is another kind of playhouse that is easily made. Help the youngster set long beanpoles in a six- or eight-foot circle, leaving an opening for the door. Slant poles toward the center and tie them together where they meet and cross. Then plant any kind of pole bean around the outside at each pole.

Scarlet runner beans would be particularly decorative. Blue Coco beans would be another good choice with their purplish stems and pods. Both are very productive, and cer­tainly easy to grow.

Or, you might superintend the making of a cornstalk teepee from the abandoned cornpatch in the fall. Sharpen the root ends of tall cornstalks so that they can be plunged into the ground securely around about three-quarters of the perime­ter of a circle, thus leaving an opening for an entrance. Slant them toward the center and tie them together near the top. This Indian summer playhouse should make the growing of corn next year something to look forward to.