Lilliputian Gardens

The tiniest of all possible miniature gardens are those known as button gardens, constructed on ordinary coat-size buttons. Buttons with carved edges and in attractive colors add interest to these little compositions.

Plant material is usually the tiniest of cacti and tips of various succulents. Bits of certain dried materials, if diminutive enough in scale, can be used. Little pieces of statice or other everlastings, tiny seed pods of interesting structure, or even twigs, often work in nicely. Accessories may be little shells or colored pebbles, or some of the most minute of miniature figures. A little glue is put on the button. Then these little materials are arranged on it as beguilingly as possible and firmed in place.

Color in Garden - Plate 11b

When cacti and succulents are used they are given a touch of water occasionally with an eyedropper. They should last several months.